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Security is always a huge deal when speaking about computing, especially if you have an Android mobile device and are fooling around with cloud storage, different connections, etc, so an app like AppLock can really come in handy when it comes to keeping your data safe and secure.

A Look at What AppLock Is

Do you remember all of those celebrity leaks that happened a few years back? Although one can argue that cloud storage was what was responsible at the end of the day, they also had something else in common. All of those celebrities were using their mobile devices to upload photos of themselves. It wasn't the cloud storage that was hacked per se; it was that hackers went on a spree and started cracking dozens of cell phones, in order to access those stored photos. Needless to say, it always helps to have tight security, especially if you're using an Android mobile device, and AppLock is a great app that will help you keep your stuff safe and secure. For starters, this is an application that allows you to lock basically everything on your phone or tablet. You can lock the main screen, individual apps, and set different pass codes for everything.

There are also different levels of security you can set when setting your password. For instance, you can choose a complex password of up to any 16 characters you choose, or you can choose a pattern lock. It might not seem like it, but pattern locks are far more effective at keeping hackers out. If ever you leave your phone somewhere, or someone access it remotely, having these safeguards in place will ensure that all your data is kept safe and secure.

Some Key Features of AppLock

No security system in the world is impenetrable, but AppLock does a fantastic job at keeping people out of your system if they don't have access to your system. As an added bonus with this app, there's also a two-tier system, by way of a “cover” screen. In essence, this is like pre-security. Anyone who picks up your device or hacks it will get a cover screen. They'll be busy trying to break this code, but it's actually only the first layer of security. So even if they do manage to hack into that part of your phone, they won't be able to go any farther without having to hack into an even tougher security code. This is the sort of thing that makes most hackers stop. If it's not worth their effort, they'll stop trying.

Available for any Android OS version 4.0 and higher, AppLock is a free program to use that's actually quite new on the market. It hasn't broken 100,00 downloads yet, but that's sure to change. Do Mobile created the program, and they're sure to roll out some updates in the future.

Pros and Cons of


  • Great two-tier protection
  • Offers pattern lock security
  • Can lock system and apps separately
  • Free and easy to use


  • If you forget your password, it's a chore to reset
  • Separate themes require separate installations

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